Anda Magone ©

    • ANDA MAGONE (ex Bankovska)

      Born:  1971, Latvia


    • 2001 – 2005 Andrejs Grants’ photography studio, The Technical Creation House

    • 1991 – 1995 BA, Faculty of Theology, University of Latvia

    • 1987 – 1991 Department of Fashion Design, Arts and Crafts School of Riga

      Solo exhibitions

    • 2009 Life in the Garden (with latvian photographer Ieva Epnere), Berlin, Giedre Bartelt Galerie /Germany

    • 2008 The Garden, Riga Art Space, Riga/Latvia

    • 2006 I think about myself, Gallery Laipa, Valmiera/Latvia

    • 2005 I think about myself, Gallery ag7, Riga/Latvia

      Competitions & Awards

    • 2009 Annual Award 2008 of daily Diena

    • 2008 Member of The Artists’ Union of Latvia

    • 2008 Nominee for Vilhelms Purvītis prize

    • 2008 Finalist of the Sovereign European Art Prize

    • 2005 Finalist of the Latio black&white photography calendar contest, participated in exhibitions in Riga and Jelgava

    • 2003 Third prize in the Art Garden competition Photography of the year

      Group exhibitions & Projects

    • 2019 Participation in the group exhibition Warm, Lovely Room, Palace of Culture Ziemeļblāzma, Riga

    • 2019 Garden in the group exhibition What's in the Garden? O.Vācieša Museum, Riga

    • 2019 Seven Summers, Centre for Human Development "Torņakalns", Riga

    • 2018    An international group expozition Nude Art Exhibition – Man and Woman, Museum of New Art, Pärnu, Estonia

    • 2018 Group exhibition Wool and Silk. The New Erotics, Latvian Museum of Photography

    • 2018 Group exhibition Implicit Memory (project Seven Summers) with Latvian photographers Laila Halilova and Rūta Kalmuka. Latvian Museum of Photography, Riga

    • 2017 Participating in the group show Goddess Ex Machina with projects Twins and The Middle together with Latvian artists Rasa Jansone, Inga Meldere, Ingrīda Pičukāne and Eva Vēvere. Tartu Art House, Estonia.

    • 2017   Exhibition I Touch Myself with projects Twins (2006-2016) and TheMiddle (2009) in Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga

    • 2014  Project I am/I am not, participation in "Norrlandsdagarna" Seminar of the Association of Swedish Professional Photographers, Umeå, Sweden.

    • 2012 Participation in Presentation of Latvian Photography Liege, Centre Culturel de Liege, Belgium

    • 2012 Collaboration with Triin Tamm (EE) „The Carousel Collection” project in exhibition „And So On And So Forth”, kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga and Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Beden

    • 2012   Participation in Photo Seminar The Way of Egons Spuris, Ogre, Latvia

    • 2012   Exhibition And So On And So Forth (in collaboration with Triin Tamm (Estonia), kim?, Contemporary Art Centre, Riga

    • 2011   Exhibition Is It That He Does Not Seek The Truth, But Does Want To Influence?, Riga Art Space

    • Exhibition Point Zero, Art Center Totaldobze, Riga

    • Exhibition Object – Riga Living Space, Riga

    • 2010   Participation in Photo Seminar The Way of Egons Spuris, Ogre, Latvia

    • Photo project Object – Riga Living Space, exhibition Riga in the Light, Riga

    • Exhibition Switch, in Riga Art Space

    • 2009   Exhibition Autumn 2009, The Artists’ Union of Latvia, Happy Art Museum

    • Photo project Object – Riga in the Light, Riga

    • Exhibition The Self Portrait The Gallery of The Artists’ Union of Latvia

    • 2008   Exhibition From M to ZZZ, gallery Langhans, Prague/Chech Republic

    • Exhibition Is the Medium the Message?, Contemporary Art Centre, Andrejsala, Riga

    • Photo project Object – Riga in Motion, Riga/Latvia

    • 2007   Photo project Object – Riga from Above, group show in 2008, Riga

    • 2006   Photography exhibition I am an Artist, I love myself, Berlin, Giedre Bartelt Galerie /Germany

    • Photography exhibition Portrait. Latvian photography 1890-2005, Talsi/Latvia

    • Art symposium and exhibition Valmiera 2006, Valmiera

    • Photo project Object: Riga at Night, Riga/Latvia

    • Exhibition The Power of Body, Gallery Riga, Riga

    • 2005   Photography exhibition Right Bank, Left Bank (Object-Riga), Riga

    • Photography exhibition (un)dressed Body in the Baltic Photo Art Vol.3: Latvia, Berlin, Giedre Bartelt Galerie/Germany

    • Art symposium and exhibition Valmiera 2005, Valmiera

    • 2004/2005 Photography exhibition Object-Riga, Riga/Latvia Bordeaux/France

    • 2004   Contemporary Art Exhibition Drei Tage Freie Räume-100 Künstler, Augsburg/Germany

    • Exhibition of Latvian photography What is important?, Riga

    • 2003   Solarium, Exhibition of Andrejs Grants’ photography studio Annas 2, Riga

      Works in Collections

    • Photographs from 'I think about myself' and 'The Garden' are in the collections of the Latvian Museum of Photography and the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art